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You'll have to forgive our sporadic posting. One of the problems with our Christmas passion is that our work work is also crazy at this time of year so it can be hard to keep up. Above is a pic of the flowers I made using Beck's beautiful printed fabric that she created at Harvest Textiles.

We presented them to the lovely Donna and Kulja at RRR along with Beck's brilliant gingerbread.

I've been trying to finish up final Christmas orders for flowers, wreathes and reindeer so I can finish all my little projects. Today I'm finishing the decorations for all my small friends - 12 of them this year! I'll post pics of them tomorrow (unless I get some mad stockists calling me with an order for tags or something eek!)

I hope that Max, Silas,Sunday, Rueben, Clancy, Wolfgang, Kye, Alani, Audrey, Georgia, Toma and Finn like them. RAMONA

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