north and south
It takes alot for us to go to Nellie Castan's gallery. South Yarra just seems so far away. Its the whole crossing the river thing I guess. But we would walk 1000 miles to see new work by Kate Just, and walk we must as this is the last week of her show Inward Gathering
It helps that Paul Wood's creepy and beautiful ceramic work is also there in his crazy new show Antechamber. If I could buy the below piece for Beck I would! We both have a bit of a fetish for those cheapo figurines.

Closer to home I'm going to make a pit stop at Pan Gallery to see what the artists in residence are up to there.
And of course Friday evening Monash University opens the door of all its creative departments for a blockbuster opening night. Thankfully the show then runs from Nov 22 to Dec 3 so there is plenty of time to walk the halls. Will I make the drive south? Only time will tell folks. RAMONA

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