from little things big things grow

As promised I braved the appalling weather on Saturday to check out the 1 and 2nd year gold and silver smithing students show at RMIT. The show is on until Saturday so I thought I'd mention a couple of the highlights. I've been noticing  a lot of organic elements introduced into all sorts of design and craft things lately - furniture, interior design, fine art,  ceramics. Something green is always a clever way to introduce both warmth and freshness to a space or object. I loved this neck piece titled Breathe by Sarah Wallace. The fragrant thyme was beautiful.

I also really loved Rachel Fare's Watering Can for a Bonsai The way the copper and gold plated vessel related to the little plant was poetic without being twee.

Those of you following my Halloween saga will perhaps be pleased to know that I didn't spend two days carving a pumpkin, choosing to nap instead followed by a quick glittering. I did get 9 trick or treaters - Minnie Mouse, A Fairy, Darth Vader, three witches, a skeleton, Death and someone dressed as Green's party uber-dude Adam Bandt. Quite a good turn out! RAMONA

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