London Bound

Both Beck and I have friends and family living overseas and we've learnt from experience that is best to get their handmade Christmas presents done first for obvious reasons. The vagaries of international post and also our energy levels as the big season draws near means that on occasion parcels just don't make it in time. And really that is poor form.

One of the real pleasures of having northern hemisphere people is that we can indulge our love of wintery Christmas craft. This year I am knitting a family of 4 a scarf each using the same wool with a variation added for each one so its not too matchy matchy - a stripe here, some double knitting with a different colour there). One of them is still very small so I might make Wolfgang (age 4 months) a bonnet instead. Dad's is only half finished so you just get a pic of the pattern (Imagine it in blue).

I'm spending a lot of time this week going through my craft books freshening up my ideas. Nothing makes me happier than creating pile of craft books around the house! 
PS the handmade badges are from Lark. RAMONA

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