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We could go on and on about this one - synthethic hypercolor taxidermist Kate Rohde has always bamboozled and delighted us with her renderings of Wunderkamer meets Baroque. And we do so love the woozy neo-craft interpretations of sydneysiders Romance Was Born. We were gaga (lady and otherwise) over the outcome of the collaborative pairing of these peeps for the Romance Was Born spring/summer collection showcased during Australian Fashion Week last May. So we're very excited by this exhibition of  new works which sees a a further refinement of the spectacular and colour drenched aesthetic of the runway shows: this time placed in the slightly more formal exhbition environment. As with most of Rohdes work inspiration is mostly drawn from animal imagery, this time in the form of dinosaurs, antelope and deer all fused with the insane excess of the Baroque and Renaissance traditions and her now tradmark hand made psychadelic technique.

Sculpture, clothing, wall-paper, fabric, accessories and objects crafted from synthetic fur, resin, expanding foam, papier-mâché and psychedelic prints are on display for purchase during this unique one month exhibition. We wish we were there.

Karen Woodbury Gallery
August 25 - September 18

We love collecting stuff, and showing said collections of stuff off - regular readers will be familiar with Ramona's famous hutch installations and my teak sideboard and german ceramicdisplays. As you can imagine, with these pursuits and new small people in our homes we are faced with new storage problems. Credenza Credentials now on in Adelaide's Jam Factory is a smorgasbord of contemporary storage solutions that features some of South Australia's leading furntiture makers, all of whom have taken on board the many functions and fashions of dining room furniture and come up with a diverse collection catering to all tastes.More than half the makers in this exhibition have been through the Jam Factory's furniture program, and the dedication to some seriously old school craftsmanship is apparent in the level of respect given to both the raw materials, construction and finish.  Apparently the term credenza is derived from credentia, a medieval latin term for the practice of food and drink tasting by servants to check for poison. Let's hope the offerings that ultimately adorn the tops of these delectable works are not quite so deadly!

Andrew Bartlett, Gareth Brown, Petra de Mooy, Edward Garcia, Michael Geissler, John Hayward, Takeshi Iue, Gray Hawk, Tom Mirams, Michael Penck, Ken Pfitzner, Julie Pieda, Adrian Potter

30 July - September 5 Gallery one,
Jam Factory, Adelaide

Hot on the heels of the brilliant collaboration between Alexander Ouchtomsky and Aimee Fairman

comes the next set of hand made exhibitionists brother and sister combo Simon and Jemila Mac Ewan. where Aimme and Alex worked through sci-fi and fantasy to create other and off-world objects and environments, this pair take the shared books of their childhood as the starting point for their installation. In a case os sibling simpatico rather than rivalry their everyday lives both work in creative fields Jemila as a set, costume designer and artist; while Simon is an artist who also works as a jeweller and illustrator. In this exhibition they combine their diverse skills to explore the childhood influences on their creative practices - creating a hand crafted shadow play light show which slowly spins in the window while gallery 3 transforms a collection of sparsely filled bookshelves into a tiny paper theatre as daily new creatures and characters from the books will tumble from their shelves and escape into the gallery space.
August 23 –  September 4
Craft Victoria


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