Twice as nice

This weekend, despite grey skies we celebrated the Maxmonster turning two. Yeah i'm wondering just where that second year went as well! After scanning the dodgy array of store bought birthday party decorations all week, and being sadly dissapointed in the choices (fairy, pirate, thomas, spiderman) I decided on hand made bunting and balloons. Overall I was super happy with the result, although perhaps a little less enamoured of the lack of sleep the night before as I whiled away the hours cutting out triangles, then stapling them along crepe paper. 

Food wise it was a bit of a Masterchef special, as I had a crack at Donna Hay's never fail vanilla cupcakes, and Mick whipped up a truck load of Gary's home made sausage rolls. Both went down a treat (thanks Ramona for the last minute icing assistance) Unfortunately the sausage rolls were devoured before I managed to snap a photo. Probably an excellent reccomendation for the recipe i'd say!

We decorated the pre blosson crab apple with some of Max's stuffed toys, which he found completely hilarious, so much so that I think every toy in his collection ended up there by the end of the morning.

Unfortunately for poor Muji there were some not so Dog lovin' little peeps at the party, so he was confined on a lead within begging distance of the food table, which of course he worked to his best advantage...(Maybe that's where all the sausage rolls went?)

We had a red hot crack at setting up a bit of adventure playground action in the backyard, which the birthday boy thankfully gave a big thumbs up. And after much running, sliding, tunnelling, bucketing, driving, tipping and digging it was time for some time out while everyone sat down and had a cupcake, or three.

Then of course came the presents, great excitement all round... the boys were very good with sharing the toys and the unwrapping duties.

Max especially loved his pies scarf and football from Auntie Ramona, despite yesterday's one point loss. And big ups to the weagles loving truck driving historian for actually fronting up and making the black and white purchase...we know that must have hurt!

Although the pies present had some serious competition from Rory and Lucas's gift of a pop up Thomas book complete with talking fat controller.

And it was good to see that Max and Thomas had called each other earlier to make sure that their outfits were colour co-ordinated.

Of course once the last present was opened and the kids started to come down from that cupcake sugar high the wheels started to come off a little.

So why not make like Thomas and just grab another cup cake then hit the slide to up the mood again!

Then of course everyone's favourite surrogate grandfather stepped in and started some 70's Dad danger bike racing games... (although we're not quite sure why he was dressed like an extra from Underbelly for the event). Uncle Matt, not to be outdone, got behind his own green racing machine and soon both boys were flying around the old concrete track like Captain Slow and the Hampster while Ramona and I nervously looked on wondering why we hadn't hired the Stig and which one was going home in an ambulence. 

Thankfully, this time it didn't end in tears and we finished off a rather lovely second birthday party with a load of very loud birthday poppers... and coloured streamers.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASTER MAXWELL WE LOVE YOU!!!  and we hope you had a super fantastic day.


Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to your little Max. That sounds like a cracking good party.

pen said...

happy birthday max!
sorry i missed it......
perhaps a present from the hobart cwa....

Beck said...

Thanks ladies
And Miss P we missed you!!!
Hope Tassie is providing you with a most excellent time
And boatloads of bounty!

shula said...

toys in the trees are totally doing it for me...

Georgie Love said...

Aw! I love the crafty posts, but I have to say the family posts are where my heart is at. Happy Birthday most excellent Max!

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog, just stmbled across it. Cant see anywhere to subscribe to it though!