hooly doolan!

You'll all have to excuse the bits and bobs nature of this post. Between the Film Festival, fabric flower making and visits to the Craft Cubed satellite event shows life seems a little chaotic this week! The Michael Doolan contribution to the 'Childhood' themed festival is a ginormous inflated toy train running into a teddy bear suspended above the Federation Square atrium. It's nothing if not impressive.

The hml ladies are more interested in Gemini Scorpio at the City library. Having had some experience filling these niches with our own work we are always curious to see what artists do in these curious little spaces. Antoung Nguyen  has taken a playful approach with funny arrangements of everyday objects. cool.

We are going to be at the official opening of the Craft Cubed festival tonight in the hallowed basement of CV, swing by and say hi. You can wish Beck a happy birthday, then she might not be so aware that this bouquet is over a month late. sigh.

You may remember I'd bought a sampler piece by the lovely Kristen Doran at the stitches and Craft show. well I never did get around to it so the fat quarter became flowers instead.again, sigh.

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