Little Boxes, Little Boxes...
Those that have been wondering where the hell we've been all week might be interested to hear that we haven't been up to our armpits in sick children and housework we've actually been hard at work. Ramona has been meeting a rather large backload of orders for her wonderful Words and Pictures work and I have been making like Nannook of the North in a cardboard igloo at the State of Design's Design:Made:Trade. Last year it was Ramona making the most of the cardboard boxes and  launching her card range at this prestigious event and this year i've been doing my duty as Sector Development manager at Craft Victoria helping twelve lovely individuals and craftmaking teams show their wares to the visiting hordes. Here are some shots of said peeps setting up their stands...

Here's Ellie Mucke and Jessica  Morrison hard at work in fashionable high vis wear on stand eleven

and the lovely Lara Davies of Harvest Textiles getting busy with projection and paintbrush on stand ten

Everyone has come up with excellent small space design solutions, (just check out that miniature cardboard ladder by Lab 305) and I can't wait to see how all the stands look once the final flouirishes have been added.

Oh and here's the little Craft Victoria Cardboard Igloo ...stop by and say Hi, i'll be there all week.


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