Regular readers will remember last week Beck telling you all about a great project that is happening to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Craft Victoria. To rebrief basically a tote bag design by artists Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank was commisioned and a competition was launched to customise the tote bag.

Having seen the amazing things Miss Pen Pen created I thought I'd try my hand a bit of reverse appliqué. Bit clever, bit challenging. Now because I have the concentration span of a goldfish I accidentally hacked off one of the printed fingers (not my own, luckily). Tools down I resigned myself to abandoning the project.

Made myself a cheese toastie and a cup of tea. And then I made Norman, possibly the strangest interpretation of the brief. He's no longer a tote. You can tote him around, just don't show anyone. Tote bag designs are due tomorrow and are  still available at Craft Victoria if you want to get in quick...

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Katherine Bowman said...

Norman is nice, he looks like he has all the right moves