SHOWS OF THE WEEK - part one

the shape of things to come.
This week we'll be looking at a few shows, and to kick off proceedings we have TRIANGLE, a collaboration of works made by the super cool, super cute and ridiculously prodigious Dell Stewart and equally excellent and completely fashionified Andrea Eckersley. Each maker has produced works in their own style... created through the common prism of the triangle. Then the two have combined their formidable talents and collaborated on a number of works that mash up the best of both. Printing, pleating, painting, quilting, crochet and ceramics there's plenty of craft moments amongst the high concepts. Check out these pics from the show for those who haven't made it in yet, and those who wont be able to... see if you can guess whose is who's.

The show opened at Craft Victoria last thursday night, and runs until June 12 - so there's plenty of time yet to get into flinders lane and catch it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, can't wait to see it.


I loved Dells work, I want to get her to sell me those planters - so awesome. Ramona