Hot Pots.
Apparently it was The Duchess of Bedford who first established the activity of afternoon tea in 1840 – a time for networking and keeping up to date with aristocracy gossip and topical news. With all the chatter, the teapot would often get cold and so the tea cosy came about. Sounds just like us here at HML, talking till our hot drinks turn cold.

We are big fans of the tea cosy, and regular readers will no doubt remember Ramona's insane Killer Tea Cosies pattern book that started a stampede for pattern requests, as well as the super owl tea cosy (above) I picked up at my Nanna's retirement home in QLD for next to nix. I had grand plans of posting a users guide to Next Wave, but on my way out from work i found this postcard promoting The Tea Cosy Garden at Bundoora Homestead, and I was sold. So here's your show of the week people! The Tea Cosy Garden features highly decorative, intricately crocheted, knitted and embroidered tea cosies, all created by local folk. They look AMAZING. We'll be planning a trip out with the boys next week before it closes on May 30. All the works are for sale with proceeds being donated to The Cancer Council Victoria’s Biggest Morning Tea fund raiser. People tell me lots have already been snapped up. So fingers crossed theres still some left for us by next week.

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre
27 Snake Gully Drive, Bundoora

tel (03) 9496 1060
tram route 86 stop 62
melways 19 G2


Betty Jo said...

Slim pickings on the tea cosy front. I scored one on Saturday,but sadly practically all the fancy Nana numbers were red dotted. http://linoforest.blogspot.com/2010/05/cosy-up-in-garden.html
You must visit the Bundoora farm with your kidlets while you're out there.

Betty Jo said...

Oh,I now see you already knew....but there was a gorgeous fimo lady in a floofy dress one still available Like a toilet roll cosy, but for teapots!