sew easy
Regular readers of HML will know that I am no seamstress (the sewing machine is really Becks dept) but god knows I try. I might add that in the past five years, through trial and error and asking questions, reading books and watching instructional videos on youtube (how to make bias binding, how to mitre a corner on a quilt, even how to use interfacing - seriously I had no idea) I've got some simple sewing skills under my belt

So this week as work has calmed down a little I'm making the above trousers out of the below fabric. Thom needs 'going out to cafe, gallery, library' trousers - all his other clothes seems to have permanent dirt stains on the knees. I read on someone's blog it took them 1 hour to make them. I'm giving myself a week.
I've also splashed out on this GORGEOUS book by Heather Ross after her seeing her make a simple sun dress on Martha
I'm very keen on this kimono-ish frock but am terrified of setting sleeves. So I've given myself March to complete this one (there may be a bit more youtubing I suspect).
And really the only reason I am allowing myself these indulgences before I start my winter knitting (more on that tommorow) is because I have nearly (after a year) finished this
I think this was for Maggie last mothers day, then birthday, then Christmas and I never quite got there. but I'm nearly done. Lucky I had this beautiful fabric by Saffron Craig to work with. Actually this fabric would be great for that skirt on the front of the book.
I'm hoping as my skills improve so will my speed. I've found to get things perfect I need to move like a big old tortoise. just keep going, just very sloooooowly.


pen said...

ypu know you can always call me to do an 'instructional video' live!
don't be shy- just call.........

Anonymous said...

Biggest sewing tip: make sure you download the errata before you start.

And google the pattern for other people who've made it to see if they ran into any trouble.

The oliver + s patterns are very clear though. I'm hoping I'll get the kid's summer pants done before we have any more cold weather. Or that they'll fit next summer.

handmadelife said...

Dear ICG, thanks for the tips -very helpful actually! the patterns seams alot clearer than the Amy Butler ones which I think are written in some sort of code that I can't crack! PS I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Where arey trousers mummy?

Shannon Garson said...

Thanks so much for writing about Natalie Chanin. What an amazing woman! I love her project, like all the best craft bringing the political implications of making handmade into he personal realm of the domestic.