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I got a real bee in my bonnet this week about heading up to Daylesford for the farmers market and the Makers Market. I'd been seeing them pop up on other peoples blogs and the idea of staying in Melbourne doing housework just wasn't going to cut it. So the boys, Maggie and myself headed out despite the ominous clouds.
We were so lucky with the weather. We managed to get around the whole Farmers market and make it back to the car just as the heavens opened up. We then managed to find a parking spot on the main street just outside the Makers Market - miraculous!
The Makers Market was actually really sweet with lots of great kids clothes, some terrific music and most importantly shelter from the gathering storm

By the time we got back to the car the heavens had opened up and the drive to Woodend was the slowest we've ever had. Quite scary at the time, but incredibly beautiful. I took nearly 100 photos on the short drive!

We had to go via Woodend for one reason only...
despite driving in the rain and coming home to a flood in the bathroom it was a lovely lovely day.

oh and what did we get from the Farmers market? Beer made in someone's garage, olive oils infused with lemon and basil, kangaroo salami, lemons, potatoes,capsicum, corn, tangello marmalade, two kinds of feta, a butterscotch and date pudding for Easter, north African spice mix, and fresh pistachios on special request from Miss Pen Pen. 
From the Makers Market a little wool/cotton collar (reversible) for the Intern and a cute screen printed tee for Thom. 
We spent way too much money and got a little damp and cold. But what a great way to spend a Saturday!


beck said...

Glad you had so much fun in Daylesford, despite the wild weather! You sure did get some amazing bits from the Farmers Market, looks delicious xo

NIck said...

I am quite envious. I told my husband today that I was saving up to go to Daylesford (like a kid who says they are saving up to go to the moon!) All I see is Daylesford everywhere. It must be the new IT destination. xxNick

handmadelife said...
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handmadelife said...

It's as expensive to rent a house in Daylesford as it is in the inner city of Melbourne. It is very very popular. And with good reason. It is beautiful, great food, great shops, lovely lake, mineral springs, magical landscape. also the surrounding little towns are also gems. Well worth saving up for for a retreat country holiday! Markets are on first Sunday of every month.