Monday was Labor Day here in Melbourne, which means a public holiday, which means a barbeque. This particular one was for my italian in-laws, and extended family, and while I would have loved to have whipped up a pav or cheesecake for the event all I had time to do was buy a packet of chocolate ripple biscuits and a couple of cartons of cream. Thankfully I also managed to have a delicious punnet of organic strawberries and some 70 % cocoa lindt chocolate hanging about. Having also splashed a little alcohol into the mix I realised that in fact  'the chocolate ripple method' is very similar to the tiramisu method (well kind of). Hence it's new monniker at ours: Bogunmisu. It certainly made it much easier to explain to the in-laws.

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Emma said...

I want to eat the whole darn thing! In the words of Cookie Monster - me wan' eat the bogunmisu!