For those of you that have not had enough ball talk over the last couple of weeks here is an update:
The first lot of balls from the Insert Coin Here roaming exhibition were at Craft Victoria.Which was a good thing because I was determined to snaffle up some goodies early, and well placed to get in first. I was also extremely lucky, because as it turned out the first 150 balls sold out in a couple of hours!

Imagine my delight as my first ball rolled out of the machine and I discovered i'd hit the $2 jackpot!

I'd been coveting this 'hairyman' since I saw him on the website - I LOVE LOVE LOVE cut and paste puppetmaster Alexander Ouchtomsky's weird little creatures, and this Micro Gunski (his official title) just seemed like he was made for me, or perhaps The Mighty Boosh (same thing tho really).
Anyhoo, I thought I should also pick up a little something for my compadre Rambo while I was at it...

and can you believe it - another Jackpot, a string and porcelain necklace by geometric ceramicist and jeweller extrodinaire Deirdre Hoban. wah-hay! I really want to head on down to Alice Euphemia next week and try my luck again, these machines are addictive - like art and craft pokies.
and while we're still talking balls I should let y'all know that tonight is the Insert Coin Here opening party  Launch at 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.  7-11pm The entry is free but the balls will cost you.
I finally managed to crack a mention on the cool kid broadsheet Three Thousand yesterday... (I knew not even the uber hip could stay immune to diamond daves charms) the intern will be so impressed.
Oh and Craftbusters has been updated! what a hoot.


dell said...

I'm yet to vend, but I hope to get a chance to score some goodies tonight, though we might have to get our elbows out...

handmadelife said...

start sharpening them now Dell, it's gonna get ugly.