The Big Picture

Now filling the cabinets at Platform is The Undiscovered Press: a showcase of twelve of Australia's most dedicated zinesters from around the country. Set the challenge of expanding their traditional A5 format into large format artworks they've employed their usual arsenal of paper, pens, robots, envelopes, found objects, random cardboard, photos, duck tape and textas to create 'a bigger picture' in every sense.
As the Platform peeps have commented, often the gp think of zines as literary rather than visual works of art, and perhaps the combination of questionable poetry, black flag politics and poor quality photocopies stealthily printed at the office haven't always done the visuals any favours. In this show however the focus is firmly on the pictures, which is a nice change, because personally i've always loved the aesthetic of zines, bad photocopy or not.

As you can see, it's a world of happiness, even the depressed bits. And you know if you're heading into town to go to work, play or even secretly purchase a badly fitted top shop knock-off from Dotti there's no excuse not to make a five minute detour and see what other people get up to in their loungeroom of an evening. Features work by Androniki Douramakos, Cameron Baker, Mary-Helen Daly, Sarah Foster, Brendan Halyday, Marc Martin, Arlene Texta Queen, Pat Grant, Michelle Vandermeer, On Wednesday and Fergus.

On until it closes, Degraves St Subway Melbourne.

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