Artistic licence

Look I really don’t want to seem like a bragging mother, especially here on hml where we tend to keep things cool and make like we're busy with things other than childrearing. But this time Max has outdone himself. After a few art and craft sessions he's decided that he’s quite the young arteeest, even demanding “Art, art, art! ” before breakfast of a morning. I am mightily impressed with this development,especially given that up until now it's all been destroy! destroy! destroy! 

Last week we had both a painting afternoon and a collage afternoon – hard to say which one he liked more, I think the output was pretty even...

Although he did spend the rest of the week waving his paintbrush over the furniture like a wand and sticking stickers on all the doors. God knows what he’ll do when we start with the balls of wool.


pen said...

when's the exhibition?

Ramona said...

clearly he is a GEEEEENIUS! they say the first hour of some ones life is very formative - obviously I am full responsible! It has nothing to do with you being an artist or Michael being an architect noooooooo. its all me me me. Seriously these pics are so fantastic. you can see kids just totally GET IT. go maxy man!

Anonymous said...

I get so confused when I hear other mothers say stuff like "It's good sending them to childcare so they can do all that messy craft/painting/pasting stuff" because it's the part of parenting I love most. I cheerfully send him off to childcare, but I'll be damned if I'm missing out on the painting at home.

There's nothing sweeter than a little person saying "Mum, I neeeed to paint". To which I can only reply "Let me reorganise the whole day so we can make that happen for you".

handmadelife said...

I couldn't agree more
in fact it was after Max brought home a glitter painting from creche last year that I started up the crafting afternoons at home -
no way was I missing out on glitter glue!

handmadelife said...

oh and Ramona, clearly your influence is coming through, thanks for being there for his first hour - god knows what might have happened ;0