Happy New Year

under a blood red sky

This is always a weird time of year for anyone who makes things. The lead up to Christmas has usually been such a frenzy that we all collapse a little which we think is a really good thing. Here in Melbourne the weather has gone weird (storms, hot, then cold, more storms) and there has been some time for reflection. This all ends for many of us this week as we prepare to make new work for Valentines Day stock (big time for jewellers we're sure!)

In the meantime I've been baking crackers to go with the perfect hunk of Watsonia cheddar cheese.

They kind of look like Jatz crackers but taste a lot better. Especially with that pink sea salt. Baking is all the making we want to do at hml HQ, at least for now...


Anonymous said...

It must be the season for the dry biscuit, I've been making thyme crackers from Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion (one of my Christmas presents). If you've got a pasta machine I highly recommend using it to roll the pastry thinly.

handmadelife said...

what a great tip! I do have a pasta machine (my mothers day gift last year) I also have Stephanie's book so will be trying those crackers too! -Ramona