Buying a friend ART is one of the nicest things to do. I was thrilled to receive this Xmas present from my lovely friend Miss J - who has the best taste of anyone we know.

Of course she knew I loved LA artist/genius Megan Whitmarsh. Mainly because Beck and I blab on about her all the time here on HML and we interviewed her for our book

to now be the proud owner of not one but two of her prints is such a great start to 2010. I'm taking it as a sign of big crafty things to come.

Do you feel like buying a friend some art? you can do so here. The rule is one for your friend and one for you. I'm off to the framers...

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handmadelife said...

OMFG... when you said you got the prints from miss J I was jealous but coping. Now that I see them in person I am green. Awesome.