Craftist of the week


As if we didn't feel bad enough that we're getting bugger all done at the moment, we were reminded this week of the genius of L.A. native Ms Megan Whitmarsh . Whitmarsh manages to fashion absolutely killer soft sculptures and brilliantly obtuse pop inspired embroidered drawings with alarming regularity, ridiculous technical prowess and apparently while dealing with not one but two widgets on her knees.
Bloody hell, just thinking about her output makes us feel like a bex and a good lie down, but anyone who can recreate everything from old school boom boxes to banana peels as skillfully as she does deserves a large round of applause and our undying envy at very least.

Recently asked to describe the world that inhabits her work she answered with the following list: "crystals, elves, triangles, lasers, moon boots, synthasizers, capes, breakdancing, yeti's, capes, monsters, rocks, parties, mountains, parallelograms, capes, jewellery, stars, king kong, rock n roll, trees, capes, fighting, unicorns, electric guitars, boys, furry suits and discoteque." And if that wasn't enough, just like us, she enjoys both geeky science fiction and the optimism of simple technologies like hand sewing. Sigh... a woman after our own hml hearts.

Given that Beck's list of favourite obsessions similarly includes Yeti's, bad dance moves (go the robot!) embroidery and moonboots it figures that she has quite the craftcrush on Megan at the moment... just don't tell the architect.


pen said...

hey! she's got a robot to help around the house! that would make things definitely easier you know!

cathfrom chunkychooky said...

now I KNOW i really achieve very little each day

shula said...

the woman's either an alien or has the world's acest mum.

I can't decide which.

Beck said...

perhaps both?