nerd alert!

We make no bones about the fact that we are both gigantic nerds. So we love it when we discover others who like letting their geek flag fly just as high. However this mario brothers vest is clearly in a stratosphere of its own. We love it.

We love even more that the Happy Seamstress (who is also an officionado and lover of all things nerdy) has used her own geeky guy as the model for her photo shoot. Today she has an excellent round up of other nerd related craft which includes such gems as the Captain Sideburns Space Invaders chopping board

and this Instructables VHS toaster. Oh yeah. You can download the Mario Bros. vest pattern here. Guess what the truck drivin' historian and low ridin' architect are getting for their birthdays.


Anonymous said...

I love the vest, but where's the pocket to hold your biros?

alloneword said...

it better be a pony