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Of course yesterday was orztraya/invasion/indian national day... so we made like thousands of other peeps nationwide and had ourselves a backyard barbeque. We'd planned on taking pics and writing recipies of all the good food stuffs on offer, but we were so busy in the morning preparing the feast, and so bloody hungry by the time the surf and turf combo was barbequed  we just tucked in. As Miss Penpen noted, sometimes the best evidence of a feast is a pile of empty plates... We will however give you a little taste of the menu -  from the barbie: butterflied lamb leg, scallops, prawns, haloumi and portabello mushrooms, on the side dish side we had bocconcini, tomato and basil salad, baby fennel and orange salad and roast peppers... YUM.

Of course if you have Miss P on the guest list you are guaranteed excellent cake as well as conversation and this gigantic plate of aussie as lamingtons were delicious.

And the architect was beside himself when he saw what Mym had brought to the collective table... as tasty as it was good looking. Of course no barbie afternoon is complete without some post luncheon activity. The masses got busy with an increasingly out of control game of Klop that included obstacles such as the lime tree and on site scoring inclusions of things like the 'wildcard pumpkin'. Here's the in-house DJ busting a move, being a teacher also meant he was pretty quick off the mark with the scoring as well - handy this many beers into the afternoon.

Shula on the other hand kept things crafty, putting her magic hands to work on this beautiful embroidery. Just gorgeous Shula, we can't wait to see this one finished.

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You people really know how to party.