build em up 

Thinking a lot about architecture recently. Perhaps as a bit of a distraction from the craft and design blogs we spend too much time reading.  There are 4 architecture blogs that have become weekly destinations.  Sometimes it's good to go and read things outside your world just to get a bit of perspective, some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Architecture could be called an extreme craft. Having recently interviewed an architect I was struck by one thing he said "I can build anything, I can design your house, all the furniture in it, the lights, the door knobs anything" - imagine leading that kind of handmadelife?

1. A Daily Dose of Architecture - a brilliant starting point and not too esoteric.
2. MoCo Loco - you have to see it to believe it. It not only scrolls sideways it makes you think laterally.
3. Life Without Buildings - a blog by outspoken Yale man Jimmy Stamp. genius food for thought.
4. Confessions of an Architect - literally. architects confess their sins. and then it gets published. addictive.


thought fifteen said...

I love blocks!! legos, bristol, websites....I live them all and I'm well past 30!

handmadelife said...

yeah we do too! It's funny how focussed you get on construction. kids are very focussed on destruction so there is a quick turnover of ideas.