We apologise for the lack of posts last week. One house was struck down by the plague (ie chicken pox) the other experienced technical difficulties beyond control and there were planes to catch to warmer climes . This week promises to deliver as we've even scheduled in some 'go out and look at stuff' time.
First thing to do of course is head down to Pieces of Eight and check out the new show by Justine Austen. Monster Zoo is her first solo show after heading south from QLD some years back.  We are a big fans of monsters (like Rufus above) - and with pieces titled 'Maurice the Marauder' and 'Monsieur Ballard' we are guarenteed to get a laugh out of these finely crafted creatures.

Weirdly enough Austen's Monsters remind us of John Kelly's paintings on show this month at Niagara Gallery. Those of you in Melbourne or in Paris will know his Cow up a Tree work. There is a Lucien Freud show on there too if you like superstar painting. We prefer imaginary monsters any day.

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