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Brooklyn native Dan-ah Kim makes great pictures, she's also a big fan of the DIY craft scene, regularly incorporating hand stitching and collage techniques into her artworks. Which of course we love. She's also a great graphic designer and a pretty nifty photographer. What we like to call a true triple threat.

Here she is proudly standing in front of three fabulous works from her new show at gallery Metropolis, Lancaster Pennsylvania. Which we also think looks like a pretty cool place, self described as a little haven of mid century modern in an area best known for Amish culture and Folk Art. Not that theres anything wrong with either Amish culture or folk art. In fact we think pretty highly of both. But maybe if you're surrounded by quilts and carts you might get all misty eyed over some seriously plastic mass produced pop, instead of the other way around... which is how we get here at HML.

Daughters of the Blue Sky
until October 31.
Metropolis Gallery
154 N. Prince Street
Lancaster, PA

monsters inc.

Melbourne jeweller Justine Austin is back in town, and she's brought some friends with her. Funny, perverse little monsters, 36 of them in all, each meticulously handcrafted from sterling silver, paua shell, gemstones, bone, glass, mother of pearl and coral. With bad habits too boot: swimmer stealing, condom biting, clothes headbutting. These little fellows have some serious issues and we cannot wait to meet them.

Monster Zoo
until November 14
(so you have plenty of time to go back, again and again)
635 Brunswick Street
North Fitzroy.

the living room (no seriously that's what it's called)
domestic help

"Paying respect to the idea introduced by the late 19th century Arts and Crafts movement of creating a ‘Total work of Art’ from a domestic place of dwelling, The Living Room will see Blindside gallery transformed into a functioning, albeit unconventioal and slightly supernatural, living room." This sounds brilliant... kind of crazy, with the possiblity of a very variable success rate and just the kind of thing we like to dip into. Especially seeing as its neither of OUR living rooms and therefore not covered in randomly thrown toys, bibs and bits of yesterdays lunch.

The show features "A selection of 12 of Melbourne’s most inventive artists, designers and architects will collaborate to create a highly imaginative example of the way in which we can inhabit and influence the spaces we live in." A veritable who's who of Melbourne's indie art scene... Belle Bassin, Sally Blenheim (pictured), Tim Fleming, Ghostpatrol, Rory Hyde, Kotoe Ishii, JT De Mallory, Dylan Martorell, Rowan McNaught, Scott Mitchell, Annie Wu, Tai Snaith.

So it is almost like going to a party at the house of the coolest kids in town, only we're all invited, we don't have to bring drinks and some creepy guy with a lampshade on his head isn't trying to feel you up at 3am when everyone else has left. Just one Mr. Tim Fleming in white gloves working out his jazz hands on a plywood faux organ.

The living room
Blindside Gallery
Level 7, Room 14
Nicholas Building Swanston st. City
Open Thursday till Saturday 12-6pm
15 -31 October

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