cheer up charlie

Saw Chris from the first series of masterchef walking along Brunswick Street. He looked smaller, more miserable than usual and the wind kept catching his hat.  I thought of all the things I could yell out the car window "Dirty Dog!" "Bad Man!" "W**nker!". But then I remembered he has 800 cookbooks and can make perfect cupcakes using beer. So it true hml fashion I would invite him over and offer him a Craft lager. Because if there is one thing that Chris and HML have in common - we know everything is better handmade.


Cath from chunkychooky said...

He is / was such a nob-head... but I do like the sound of that beer- wonder if I could serve some at my next little Sunday sew and sew... yes everything is better handmade but eating any food with him in the room would make it very sour.

the projectivist said...

bahhaa! poor Chris.
when i think of him, i remember the close-up of his scowly face as they announced Julia as the winner.

oh Chris
you silly wanker!

Beck said...

800 cookbooks and still no sense of humour?