if these walls could talk

There is an obvious reason that the ladies of HML don't spend a lot of time banging on about the Melbourne International Festival. It's the one festival that leaves us a bit cold. Ticket prices are too expensive for a start and unless you are really passionate about opera or obscure theatre not really much chop. But we do urge everyone wander down to take a look at Callum Morton's beautiful installation at the art centre forecourt. Those of you who have taken the Eastlink here in Melbourne will be familiar with his beautiful Hotel sculpture (above). Trust us this is even better!

Valhalla was originally installed in at the 07  Venice biennial . So it's a rare treat for us to see this clever, poignant an monumental work. On the outside it appears to be a ruin of Morton's childhood home at 3/4 scale. A home that his architect father designed and one that has since been demolished.

On the inside there is a pristine foyer, complete with muzak and elevator sounds. It's an extraordinarily clever and unsettling work. You only have the 24th to experience it. If you go you can say 'you've done the festival'!

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Anonymous said...

you know that he was in the same class as your sister at uni??? mmmmmm if these walls could talk!!!