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Last night Maggie Bee and I went to the launch of Stephanie Alexander's new book. It seemed apt given that M has spent the last three days in the garden planting herbs and tomatoes and generally pottering around in a productive springlike manner.

Stephanie was very gracious and spoke passionately about children in the garden and how this set them up for a lifetime of not just healthy but passionate and enthusiastic eating. I'm not the greatest gardener, that's really Beck's department and now with her new amazing yard I'm hoping some of the Jobson crop will head my way. I'm committed to at least turning my hand to some herbs and lettuce leaves for my hml gardening experience this summer!

I've been thinking alot about food lately (what's new). Partly because I've been denying myself alot of it(cake gone! cookies gone! bacon sandwiches at 10pm gone!) One of those weird times where you bring home cook books and exercise books from the library at the same time! On my bedside table this week has been Nigel Slater's latest. This Brit food writer is an old old favourite of mine. His autobiography Toast was heartbreaking and highly recommended.

Eating for England is a series of short essays (many only a page long) on topics as diverse as Black Pudding (My breakfast on Sunday), afternoon tea, and midnight feasts. It's a lot lighter that Stephanie's which isn't really bed time reading - weighing in at a couple of kg. So you can exercise and read about food at the same time. interesting...

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Beck said...

so jealous,
hope it was excellent...
and am going out to buy TOAST today!