High as a kite

Those at a lost end today can make their way to the 9th annual High Vibes festival in Northcote... it's always fun, full of food, music and of course young people attempting to outdo eachother in their "hey it's not like i'm trying" festival outfits strolling up and down the street in a slouchy, meandering parade... An excellent people watching and dining opportunity with a fairly decent soundtrack thrown in and all for a gold coin donation to keep the thing going next year. There's even a kids program for anyone looking to entertain bored toddlers...although we can't promise you parents won't be bored stupid after the first wacky hat hyper colour outfit performs their own version of "dancey dance time". It was Max's first festival last year, he was only a month old, but he loved it... at least he gurgled appropriately and gave us a smile or two as we passed the dancing hippies. Over the years this has turned from a very local event we could turn up to in our pj's to a super hip festival reminiscent of the old Brunswick Street festival (those as old as me will remember that festival's transformation into a lumbering trance infested behemouth full of tourists from franga) Anyways this will be our first year NOT living above the street, the downside will be less easy access to the loo, but the upside will be less constant bongo playing and and the probability of sleep before the 3am doof doof party finishes (good luck Shula i'll be thinking of you!) Ah just one more reason to love the new house.

This year the music promises to be especially good, with hml's default in house band and RRR darlings, Black Cab playing 9-9.30 at the Northcote Social Club... we assure you it will be well worth the price of admission, which of course is FREE, no really they are very good. So put on your high heel sneakers and have yourselves a very happy festivus people.

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