I'm nowhere near the Martha devotee that Ramona is, but I must admit her seasonal crafting prowess (or that of her team of crafters and stylists) gets me EVERY time. This year is going to be all about the gingerbread, so when I came upon these gingerbread bird ornaments I gave out a hoopla! and thought you beaut I'll get right onto them this week. I also think Martha deserves some props for being so generous with the free clip art she provides for each project. So you really can make em look just like they do in the mag, or if you're a little more creatively inclined you can use the ideas and technique to make your own version. I'm thinking a little glitter monster covered tree might excite Max more than the birds, but you never know, by Christmas he could be completely besotted by the Blue Footed Booby... 
Anyway as much as I had planned my free afternoon yesterday to be full of gingerbread ornaments lovingly baked and shaken all over with my new armoury of Martha glitter, all I got around to baking was this Banana Bread.
Oh well, we still have 97 days to go.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Must go find some dinosaur shapes online to make preschooler-interesting decorations. And glitter. I must buy glitter. Then I think we should do it all at a friends house so we don't get glitter in my carpet.