burning up
The ladies of hml are always telling you to get out there amongst the objects. 9 times out of 10 we don't get our act together to see the shows we tell you about! But yesterday The Worlds Smallest Philosopher, The Historian and I (Ramona) thought we'd meet pals in St Kilda for coffee via Moonee Ponds incinerator arts complex...
We'd never heard of it but picked up an intriguing flyer at the market the day before. The incinerator itself was designed by Walter and Marion Burley Griffin. Now I'm a big fan of Marion and consider her an unsung architecture heroine - anyone who has seen the amazing roof at the Capitol Theatre here in Melbourne can attest to that. They were having a sculpture show there and you know how when you trot off to these places the work can often be a bit, well you know, mediocre? Well we were really impressed with some of the stuff. This drawing machine by Nick Ilton had Thom captivated
The highlight for me was this curved monumental structure by Annamaria Plescia made of thousands of egg cartons. It was architectural and organic at the same time. The show runs til this Sunday. It's an interesting space. It doesn't have the glamour of Linden or the cool factor of Abbotsford Convent but it has good bones and I'm glad it's there. Oh, and it nowhere near St Kilda...

Incinerator Arts Complex 180 Holmes Rd Moonee Ponds

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pen said...

I saw all this at the end of Stateline on Friday night and thought it looked great!
Glad you went (as I don't think I'll have time to get there).
And just down the road from me is another Burley Griffin building in the back streets of Fitzroy.
Don't you love the little gems hidden away?!