a chip off the small block...
There's a new Marian Hosking show in town at Gallery Funaki. Those familiar with Marian's work will need no further information than that to see them hot footing it to Crossley Street toot sweet. Those unfamiliar should do themselves a favour and meet up with those in the know for a lesson in why Marian is considered both a living treasure and a maker of some of the finest contemporary jewellery in Australia. These most recent works, see found souvenirs, toys and jewellery appropriated, reiterated and remade via a casting method that sees them transformed into something more slippery in definition and altogether more beautiful.
Silver Seams and Small Blocks is on until May 30 @ Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley Street Melbourne
PHONE +613 9662 9446
OPENING HOURS Tuesday to Friday 11am – 5pm and Saturday 11am – 4pm

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