no bake bake off


The chocolate ripple cake is a family favourite here at la casa del Beck. My brother (the in-house DJ and soon to be teacher) and I spent our summers camping at the beach, in tents, for weeks on end and his birthday always fell during the holidays, where of course we had no oven and no fridge for that matter. So, the no-bake chocolate ripple cake became his annual birthday cake by default, given that you can make it without power as long as you have a strong whisking arm and a reliable esky full of ice. We'd planned on making one for Easter, but it seems that everyone in Northcote had the same idea and there wasn't a pack of the main ingredients available within a 5km radius. This weekend however was going to be cold and wintry and involved the watching of our beloved pies play the annual Anzac Day game... so the black and white cake seemed the perfect accompaniment.

After filling the biscuits last night and covering the 'log' with piped cream, we waited patiently until lunchtime today to put together a killer tea-party and ceremoniously cut the cake.

Happily the results were as good as we remembered them... and as you can see the in house DJ was well pleased with his portion!

Which was good, because the pies lost... again.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday DJ Matt! The choc ripple cake looks like a 70's classic - as you are my friend! Ramona

pen said...

was the DJ's piece that big one on the left side of the picture?
where is my piece?? I haven't had a choc rip in ages!!

Beck said...

when we recover from the diabetic coma and cardiac arrest we'll whip you one up miss P!

shula said...

There wasn't a pack of anything much available in Northcote that weekend.