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cut with the same cloth

We love fabric, it's no secret. We also love buying stuff online, somehow it doesn't quite feel like you're really shopping or indeed spending any money... until the credit card bill comes in. So when opportunities arise to combine these two favourite pass-times, who are we to say no. This top drawer collection of Japanese prints came via the dubiously named but excellently stocked "funky fabrix". Don't get caught out though, lots of their stuff is sold in yards, not metres, so there's going to have to be some serious re-thinking on the project viability front. Still they're nice to look out while we work out what the hell we're going to do with them.

Thankfully miss penpen put us onto bias binding makers late last year so at least this car fabric (above) can be utilised as a border for a blanket for Max... and a fat quarter is a fat quarter in any one's language so Anna will still get her black, red and white themed quilt (below) for her birthday in July.


Anonymous said...

I love that pink mushroom.

Anonymous said...

anna is very excited

handmadelife said...

so glad the fabric meets with her approval... let's just hope the finished product does as well!
give elton anna and the metal guru a kiss for me