screw it
Ramona decided she needed a new visual diary.that's a lie - her university course demanded it- it also demanded (in typical art skool style) that she make it herself...sigh
quite hilarious conversation ensued in Art Riot ("an awl?? what's that then?") Bunnings (" Why do you want to drill through cardboard then??") and last but not least Lincraft ("What are interscrews? maybe you should try Bunnings??")

got there in the end. It's a tad wonky and wont be gracing the shelves of zetta florence any time soon but it has 50 pages of creamy white paper which is very very exciting as you all know! Nothing better than new stationery.


shula said...

mym will flip when she sees this, she's been making books.

and i have to ask - what's an interscrew?

Anonymous said...

They are the screws you get holding all the layers together in fabric sample books - I only know that because I was given a big book of felt samples and took it apart!

judi said...

looks great...
new present idea ..

handmadelife said...

and for everyones info - Lincraft stock interscrews in the scrapbooking section and Melbourne Etching Supplies has all sort of bookbinding supplies

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