Keeping with this weeks craft of the day theme we thought these vintage 'lightning' zippers were perfect. To be honest they're not exactly a 'new' craft find, in fact they've been hanging around hml headquarters for months, let's just say we weren't prepared to risk putting them into a pair of trousers that we might actually wear outside, even if they do have a "most reliable locking slider". Now, however, thanks to the magic (or madness) of Martha we know just what to do with them: turn them into crazy old lady brooches to scare off the youngsters at terminally hip fashion festival events next week. Brilliant.

Oh and the title of today's post refers to one of our favourite fashion films of all times starring the best head of hair in fashion today (well ok apart from Karl's ponytail) Isaac Mizrahi . Really it's genius, and if you haven't seen it yet it's raining people and you cant play outside, so if you ever needed an excuse here it is GO RENT IT NOW!!!

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