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Now that we well and truly have the hang of the Baby Bjorns the ladies of HML with their sons in tow will be heading out into the world this week to catch some fresh art from around town. First up we'll be donig the Gertrude Street crawl to say hi to Pene and Abi, hassling Dan for the latest issue of Selvedge and popping into Lamington Drive to see the lovely work of Lilly Piri

Then we'll head into Flinders Lane to head up to Blindside to see another nutty group show titled B-Side. We don't often understand the artist statements (what does "in a post-medium age, the relocation or hybridization of one’s art practice can enable a re-interrogation of its conceptual underpinnings" actually mean??) but we are intrigued by the work of Ruth Fleishman - being big fans of bits of stuff.

If we can stand it and we aren't covered in baby gunk we'll trundle up to RMIT Gallery to see the Seimans Art award - just to check out what the kids are doing to get the big bucks these days.
Oh and we promised you some Christmas goodness. Don't think for a minute that we think up all of the projects on our own. We discovered this awesome blog that's connected to a fabric store based in Beaverton (!!) Oregon. Sew Mama Sew has generously provided an extensive list of homemade sewing projects - prepare to be overwhelmed! They've even gone to the trouble of sorting them into categories like Gifts for New Parents, Dads, Bookworms, Multi taskers, artists, cooks and sports fans. Remember too much christmas is not enough!

Lilly Piri The Finch and the Flower
until December 23rd
Lamington Drive 89 George Street Fitzroy
until December 13
Blindside Gallery Level 7 in the Nicholas Building
Siemens - RMIT fine Art Award
until December 13
RMIT Gallery up at Storey Hall - the funny green buliding.

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pen said...

make sure you let me know you are on your way!
I want to get the picture of the interns out on their first big gallery haul.