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star power
We love a hand made tree decoration, especially one that doesn't break the bank, is super quick, endlessly customisable and can be made in front of the telly of an evening. So, when we saw this origami star on the zen crafting blog we said "HELLO! We have a Winner"

So simple you can get the whole family folding after dinner and have a tree full of decorations the next day. We're also mighty keen on this idea as it would work just as well with anything from newspaper to high falutin' handmade rag. Beck is particularly excited about this one, being a stickler for the handmade decoration she's really looking forward to making something as simple as this after last year's embroidered bird decorations, which looked fantastic but took an entire advent calendar to finish... besides they'll set off Ramona's handpainted circles beautifully.

Follow the excellent tutorial posted here and you could soon find yourself frantically folding on the tram, the office, even the queue at the post office! ( but don't get us started on that one, that's a whooooole other story).

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pen said...

Love 'em! They are great!