Show of the week

oh grow up!

This month we'll be attempting to get the offspring to cooperate long enough to get to Utopian Slumps to see the new group show Grow Wild. Not just because it has some of our absolute faves in there - the woody Dell Stewart, the squiggly Nathan Gray, the illustrative Neils Oetjen and the Queen of Craft Penelope Durston - but because we are intrigued by the statement "It's easy to forget the pleasure of the wild and the primal, especially given the place in the distant future we sometimes seem to have arrived at. The truly metamorphosing moments in life where we're confronted with wonder and sadness and need and desire are the times when the wild reappears in all its elemental glory". Top job peoples, we're already planning our uber hip opening outfits, just forgive us if they aint 'posset' free on the night.

Opens December 5 @
25 Easey St Collingwood Victoria 3066 Australia
Enter via side alley (how very secret squirrel)
Opening Hours Thursday to Saturday 12 - 6pm


shannon said...

Oh for the happy days when I went out wearing clothes free of old food and/or excrement!

I like to delude myself into thinking that no-one can really see it!

Beck said...

Shannon, I'm currently working on the same premis - but today, even though I tried so hard to get a groovy outfit together to hit the city I found both on my cardigan I passed the urban hipsters in flinders lane!!