DIY find of the week

climbing the wallpaper

And here we were thinking that black and white frame wallpaper was good... This colour it yourself wallpaper by John Burgerman (some of you may know his work from the doodilicious print currently available at the local IKEA) is produced by UK company NineteenSeventyThree who stock a whole load of awesome accoutrement from a swag of great international graphic arteests. Brilliant Mr Burgerman, just brilliant.

it may be a little pricey with the current exchange rate but what an excellent project for a wet weekend.


shula said...


Beck said...

I know it is like completely freakin' aewsome... now i'm trying to work out how to make my own from large format photocpies and pocky markers!

mizu designs said...

I don't know, I'm kind of scared of all the colour. I'm with you about the black and white wallpaper.