Christmas decorating tip of the day

tree huggers We do so love a Christmas tree here at HML, but we always feel a little guilty chopping down a perfectly good pine for a couple of weeks each year. Given this you can imagine how much we've been loving watching the progress of High Street fave In The Woods take on the Christmas window. Going for a vegetable garden of purple runner beans, sweet corn, tomatoes and chillies that started as seedlings in late November was truly inspired and shows just what you can do with a bucket of dirt and watering can.
Speaking of non-felling, we were also directed to this excellent wall mural tree idea courtesy of HML fave ikea hacker . This hand painted tree with ikea fabric leaves was just brilliant... We think it would also make a great Christmas tree, and one that doesn't involve untangling fairy lights and dead pine needles all over the floor, which of course is the downside of each yuletide festivus. Of course, that being said we are both going ahead with real lopped trees this year, because, well it's the interns first Christmas... nuff said.

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pen said...

love the vegie garden
I've always wanted to do a spring flower garden version...... think Jethro would like it TOO much!