Christmas gift of the day

wigged out widget
Having a stack of family and friends overseas and interstate makes for excellent postal presents come late December. Of course now we're in the final week before the big day all manner of Christmas gifts have started arriving from the far flung corners of the globe. Today's however was too good not too share, being this totally wigged out crochet poncho from Master Maxwell's Great Grandmother complete with effusive use of HML fave (yep people that's heavy on the sarcasm here) 'feathers' fancy yarn.
We love other peoples craft, especially inter-family craft but even Max thinks this one's as nutty as a fruitcake.


pen said...

it's great- he love it and is so in on the joke!
the 'textile-boy' that he is- he better be wearing it next time I see him!
cold you order one for Thom? matching intern outfits!

Georgie Love said...

I love Max. More Max!

shula said...

Wow, he's so big.

Poncho looks tasty.

Beck said...

thanks ladies, he certainly is quite a ham, but the poncho really brings out the inner Jerry Lewis in everyone!