I MADE (some of) IT MYSELF

Spring has sprung!
Ramona has used this chunky lace pattern from and old issue of Vogue Knitting for about 5 scarves. One day she'll have the $200 spare to by the 8 cashemere silk balls to knit up the wrap in the photo - but for now the trusty cleckheatons washable merino will have to do.
Maybe she should give it to her neighbour who caught her snipping a bit of her blossom off in the back lane - She was very nice about it but now Ramona is racked with guilt (of course).
Also finished this commisioned painting for the lovely Miss M - who missed out on purchasing the drawing version of this crazy girl on a dog at Ramona's show last month. Slowly ticking things off the list...

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Anonymous said...

that was quite a day!