popcorn and pakora's

Usually this time of year sees us stuck to our chairs in the Nova cinema - which is about the only time you'll find us there, because let's just say... its not our favourite cinema, although the location that allows brunetti stops, trawling through bookstores and ti-amo across the road for a mid festival feed does have its charms!

This year sees have a retrospective of brilliant humanist auter Satyajit Ray as part of the festival as well - which adds a whole new 'highbrow' dimension to the spice fest that is the usual fair of delicious dancing, drama, and diva's. Pick of the festival is Om Shanti Om which for ours is about as good as it gets - all nods and winks to the genre which spawned it, including half of the film in 70's flashback mode, and an uber buffed Shah Ruhk doing his best Hrithik in a fireman dance scene that has to be seen to be believed. Genius.
Unfortunately it will be festivus interuptus for us this year as it appears that our young one and young one to be are having some scheduling trouble of their own!

Bollywood at Cinema Nova Septmember 2-17...
a festival that's well worth putting up with the crappola service and dodgy seating.
Full breakdown of times and titles are available online here.


shula said...

Sleeping issues?

Ah, it all comes back to me now....

Beck said...

Thanks Shula...
Amazing though how everyone seems to leave the extent of the sleeplessness out and tells you how fantastic babies are...
and that term sleeping like a baby - what sarcastic b'stard though that one up!
It's like everyone forgets you become the walking dead for six months and after it's happened you magically forget it ever happened like an amnesiac Tayloresque storyline in The Bold and the Beautiful.
To be fair though I guess we'd have to forget or we'd never go back for seconds!
hope your computer is starting to feel better.