sailing away in a pea green boat
To be honest we were both a little exhibitioned out after last week, but sitting in Palomino, enjoying our morning chai we kept getting distracted by a dress in the window of Kick Gallery, so much so that after eating our way through eggs, beans and avocado (not to mention a second chai) we headed over to see what was going on...imagine our delight upon discovering it was in fact a frock made entirely from doilies the influence of the magnolia project strikes again!

by the way please forgive the window reflections in the pics - we only had the amateur camera on hand. There were some other interesting pieces that caught our eye, but as they were still installing we felt we shouldn't intrude further, but would wait until opening night (Thursday 9th) to get a closer look at the collected works on show... We'd never heard of the pea green boat studio's , so needed to do a little investigating. Apparently The Pea Green Boat Artist Studios were founded in 2007 by artist Belinda Wiltshire, and are situated in large warehouse in Brunswick. Now home to more than 30 artists - painters, jewelers, designers, crafts-people, sculptors, photographers and mixed media this is their first exhibition as a collective outside of their studio.
FYI if anyone is looking for a studio space in Brunswick at the moment they have a couple available - contact them on thepeagreenboat@hotmail.com The exhibition opens 6-8pm Thursday July 10 and runs until July 9 - July 26 2008 @ Kick Gallery, 239 High Street Northcote.

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Belinda Wiltshire said...

This is a little embarrasing, but I was just google-ing myself and came across this blog, and wanted to say thank you for posting it. This was the first show we have put together, it was a great success. You`ll hear from us again, mark my words!
Thanks again. Belinda Wiltshire.