it's all in the name
Sometimes we wonder how much effort goes into the naming of shows. The ladies of hml have seen many a maker/designer/artist faff about with language until they grow pale, and quite frankly, irritating. We don't want you to be put off by the titles of this weeks exhibtions because we think they look like corkers. Above is an image from 'Come-In: Interior Design as a Contemporary Art Medium in Germany' bit of a mouthful eh? But this travelling exhibtion showcases the work of 25 young german artists and we are keen to see what they are getting up to -any excuse to travel up to RMIT's Storey Hall...
We'll also studiously ignore the title of Stone Lee's exhibtion at Blindside because we hear he's making large stuffed creatures out of recycled newspaper. Who knows what he means by 'No Hypocritical Rubbish: in/out of the western perspective'...cute but.

'The Matryoshka Principle' sounds more like some eastern european sci fi film from 1976. Luckily that is one of our favourite genres so we'll have no trouble heading to Bus for this group show. We also want to apologise for the lack of entries last week. Blame it on our unborn, we certainly are.

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