I need a hero!
On the weekend Ramona headed off to see the latest Downey Jnr vehicle IRON MAN (she gave it mixed reviews) which of course had us both thinking about super hero suits, which led us to little kids in super hero costumes, which then led us back to another of our favourite gentlemen, and knitting superhero Mark Newport.

Self Made 2004

You may remember this picture of Mark knitting himself into his spiderman suit from a post around SPOD time. Newport works in and around the pop cultural thematics of the teenage male, subverting them via materiality and traditional 'domestic' craft process. He questions the available representations of masculinity within western cultures public and personal arenas, asking "what does it mean to be a man?" Mark says of his work "Through the choice of form (trading card, garment, bed cover) and the method of transformation of the original object, I compare myself to what I have been shown and told about being a man. The activity of making becomes a way for me to transform what I have learned" . Aside from all this, he's a killer knitter and a major inspiration to both of us as we look toward onesie suits for our impending bairns. I dont know about anyone else but argyleman is my kind of superhero!

Bobbleman 2006

argyleman 2006

y man 2006

the escapist 2006
and a big thanks to miss pen pen for the heads up on the link!!


pen said...

hey! really thanks to Dell!
the lovelytextiles.blogspot.com has some super stuff on it- go fossick!

Emma said...

Yeah! Argyle man all the way!

Camilla said...

I curated a show with Mark Newport in Bristol, UK, and it was so hard to resist the urge to climb into the suits and take on super human identities once the gallery had closed for the night.

pen said...

(you have to check out the other photos- I'm in love with 'smiling man in the balaclava' series of photos!)