Pink Floyd

The new show by Emily Floyd is called Temple of the Female Eunuch. We aren't sure if this is because Wood is Good was too simple a title for Anna Schwartz or because (as the accompanying text would suggest) Floyd has taken inspiration from Germaine Greer. We suspect it's the latter.
We love the oversized wood block 1970's play time aesthetic. The show warms up this usually sterile space. You'll have to brave the formidable front of house staff but it is well worth it.
The crossover between art and craft is always being blathered about so we won't go on about it here. Suffice to say we think dear readers you'll love this show. A good one to see after the Steiner/Beuys installation at the NGV:I...

show runs until march 1.

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pen said...

personally I think 'wood is good' and germaine are too hysterical together