product development

The ladies of hml don't just spend the time swanning around town looking at craft. We too, just like all of you dear readers have to earn a crust! Beck as many of you know is the head honcho down at Counter (Craft Victorias very beautiful and much loved retail space) and a very talented artiste. While I make cards and write things - hence the name of my business - Words and Pictures. As we were talking about paper this week I thought I'd show you what I'd been up to.
Twice a year I send out a new catalogue so twice a year I have to come up with new things. This is hard for someone who is at heart a couch potato. It's just as well I have Beck around to cattle prod me into action. So now I have gift tag packs and easter bunnies. Of course I'm thinking who buys gift tags in March and does anyone care about Easter apart from the Pope? And yes I start planning for Christmas right about now. I'm sure many of you are in product development land at the moment. I sympathise with those questions 'Will people like this, buy this, use this?'

The HML theory is just make stuff... then go to the movies. And not neccesarily in that order.


shula said...

LOOOOOOOVE the wabbits.

And who says they have to be just for Easter?


pen said...

is bunny is good

Betty Jo said...

I also subscribe to the "make it and keep fingers crossed" philosophy. Today I gave your blog an award.I hope you don't mind....
I have a handful of blogs I read regularly ,and your is one of them.

feedthedog said...

who doesn't love a bunny?

thanks betty jo for leading me here via your blog which i found via dudley redhead who i discovered via ... and so on and so on.

great to find a gorgeous crafty site + witty, intelligent writing style.

closer to easter, like any minute now, i'm going all out BUNNY on my blog. like you say, does anybody care?