doll face


Both the ladies of HML have always loved the work of Melbourne based/world traveller jeweller Anna Davern and independently bought her work before we met her or each other! We wish we were cashed up enough to fly up to Sydneytown Tuesday night for drinks with Ms Davern at her opening at Pablo Fanque (can anyone tell us how to pronounce that? everyone here just calls it 'that pablo whosits place').
A recent residency at the Estonian Academy for the Arts in Tallinn inspired Davern to reinterpret, de/reconstruct that all familiar folk object - the Matryoshka Doll. Handmadelife will spend the week celebrating by showcasing our own favorite folk art kitch (and boy do we have some doozies)...


shula said...

I don't doubt it for a second.

Judi said...

Love that stunning necklace

Betty Jo said...

I too got excited by the show at Pablo"Fank"(my pronunciation).
Every thing at the moment is so babushka-rish,it seems.
Does the shell lamp work? Its a beauty!